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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

the rainbow warrior bombing

All I remember is the BOOM two bombs hit the ship on the west side breaking the generator and the main engine water gushed in I looked around for my friend Fernando Pereira I spot him floating in the water dead.

Ok stop lest get one thing clear the French sunk the rainbow warrior with two bombs the two French spies court Dominique (not putting last names) Alain (wait for it) Mafart they were who posed as Swiss tourists they stand in jail for 10 years before being released into the wild of the world and never seen again…  nowadays the old green peace has become a living reef and now there's a new rainbow warrior continuing its spirit.

Monday, 16 October 2017

The Springbok tour

I’m a protester I think that the Springboks vs the all black’s should not go ahead because… The Springboks are hopeless and pointless they crafted this disagreement. The Springboks are horrible, racist and wrong everyone NEEDS to be treated properly we are all humans we are all the same if you get a white marshmallow and dropped into a bowl full of melted chocolate it will turn black/(brown) right we don’t hate black marshmallows or black dogs!.    

The Springboks crossed the line with saying “ can you take out the māori players” we need to have the Maori people because that makes us stand out with unique people and players think about Australia with its aboriginal people did the Springboks ever said we're not playing with aboriginal because they're black inconclusive the game of the Springboks Vs all blacks should NOT go ahead.