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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

is the referee...

Let's get one thing straight I do not like this topic for reasons I will tell you later but this has got me thinking can the referee ever be right? Hello, my names Miller and today I’m going to talk to you about can the referee be right.

No he/she can’t be if the referee chose to sideline one of the players the opposite side will be happy but the side that lost one of their players won’t, it’s a hard choice friends on both sides make one happy and the other mad.

But there is one silver lining the fair people will aid you, say “good call referee” and other  things, yes I know I don’t play sport but when I do get dragged to a game is like a battle of green Vs yellow or side Vs side it does matter there's an adult who thinks their child is the best and can do everything but they can’t there's a limit.

Sorry to get so heavy here's a joke, “hey bob”  “what” “what time is it?” “the new york times” ok now back to the heavy stuff

If your child starts to complain about the pains they have when play sports stop let them relax and I know that I'm a kid that does not play a sport I know that I can make a difference.

One reason for not liking sports is that I have glasses. the only time I can see really good is if I'm under the water with my goggles on or on land with my glass and you properly thinking to yourself oh just go swimming I can’t the water park thing we have here is shut.

Thanks for reading and bye for now

Thursday, 19 October 2017

nuclear free NZ

Nuclear power IS WRONG PEOPLE it is a waste of people you want to know why because it can give you cancer! Or kill you!. The future comes fast and I not meeting sonic fast! This meets that we need better means of making power like solar flipping roadways (check out this amazing video made by some great people). Oh did you know that the US is one of the allies and then use nuclear stuff which is ok it's their county but that means we can’t help them! But we help them with other stuff like trading. Hey, you guys remember the Springbok tour I just happened six YEARS AGO we don’t need a Nuclear-free fight happening!.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

cringe level 99999

Millers smart goals

Goal 1:
Learn a new rap  by the end of term
Why is it important to you?
The crash bandicoot rap is too easy
Goal 2:
Finish farmlands  by the end of term
Why is it important to you?
I NEVER Finish story
Goal 3:
Bring Nesta to school with no problem
Why is it important to you?
Cos why not?

I hate this topic

Before we start this is NOT and I repeat NOT my a side of view I am the very opposite of me ok now oh with this.

The Haast holly ford road needs to go ahead it will bring people to Haast yeah it will kill some trees but theses no reward without a risk than with the money we raise we can help all the animals that habitat destroyed by us. All and the spare money can go to the birds like the fairy tern #vote the fairy tern or the kea and much more! + we can make into a new park and make holes under the road for the animals to cross and I know it will cost word we don’t know yet but so?. The future is now my friends and we need this WHO WITH ME (random man) no

the fairy tern